Outreach activities

ARGENT early stage researchers engage in different types of outreach activities, promoting awareness in different countries.
The UK Parliament

ESR Sophie Grellet had the opportunity to meet several Members of Piarliament in London at the occasion of the Voice of the Future (VOF) event. The Royal Society of Biology, taking forward its Royal Charter duty 'to serve the public benefit', has worked with the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee and other science organisations, in order to organise this regular event.

Sophie asked the MPs about their ethical point of view on the use of nanotechnologies.

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Genesis Care Medical Centre, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, UK

ESR Sophie Grellet is currently working with Genesis Care Medical Centre at Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, UK. With the kind help of all the radiotherapy team, who made this work possible, she is able to use their facilities and irradiate different samples following a treatment plan similar to the one use for patients.

Within this collaboration, Sophie presented her work to a group of medical physicists which has been a good opportunity to interact and discuss with practitioners.

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Leighton Bizzard Primary School, Peterborough, UK

Four ESRs visited Leighton Bizzard primary school to introduce the children to the world of research. It was a very good experience to discover that already at a very young age, you can have a lot of interests from these potential future researchers.

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« Fête de la Science » at the Paris Sud University in Orsay, France

ESR Marta Bolsa Ferruz and ESR Vladimir Ivosev, represented ITN ARGENT at the 25th edition of “la Fête de la Science” (Science Festival) in France, from October 8th to 16th, 2016. Organized by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, this event regrouped over 3000 scientific manifestations all over France. A free of charge access to entertainment activities, expositions, debates and scientific initiatives was given to a wide public of all ages, with the aim of spreading and promoting the interest for science, make it more accessible and understandable.

ITN ARGENT researchers welcomed the visitors in one of their laboratories at ISMO (Orsay Institute of Molecular Science) and presented their research topic “Nanoparticles and Hadrontherapy”, via two different presentations adapted to the age of the public.

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”Science Uncovered”, Ulster Museum, Belfast, UK

Within the framework of the European Researchers Nigh, ESR Soraia Rosa participated in the Science Uncovered event held in the Ulster Museum in Belfast. This event was directed towards the general public to promote science and cancer research, in particular. All these outreach activities allow the students to bring increased awareness of cancer research importance and to build a bridge between the different fields of research.

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The EuroScience Open Forum, Manchester, UK

ITN ARGENT ESRs at the EuroScience Open Forum in Manchester in July 2016. The event is held every 2 years and this time ITN ARGENT took the opportunity to present the work being done within the network and interact with various stakeholders as well as the general public.

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Presentations during an internal day of CNRS-Ismo

ESR 1 (Marta Bolsa) and ESR 2 (Vladimir Ivosev) made a presentation of their respective work in the project during an internal day of CNRS-Ismo lab dedicated to the PhD students.

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Presentation at the COST MP1203 meeting in Amsterdam

ESR 1 (Marta Bolsa) participated in the COST MP1203 meeting in Amsterdam on April 11th and 12th: Theranostic, the integration of therapeutics and diagnostic. She made an oral presentation of 30 minutes “Nanoparticles: exquisite tools to improve radiation therapy” to promote her work and the project.

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Seminar in University of Paris Sud

ESR 1 (Marta Bolsa) presented a seminar in University of Paris Sud on January 11th 2016 about her work in the project. Numerous researchers and students from several labs in the Paris area attended the presentation.

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Abstracts for the day of doctoral school of University Paris Saclay

For the day of doctoral school of University Paris Saclay, Marta Bolsa (ESR 1) submitted an abstract named “Toxicity evaluation of nanoparticles on proteins using Synchrotron radiation circular dichroism”. Vladimir Ivosev (ESR 2) will also present his poster related to the abstract “Uptake dynamics and intracellular localization of small gold nanoparticles in glioblastoma, cervical and prostate cancer cell lines”.

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