24.10-31.10.2014: Boppard (Nano IBCT Conference, poster session and training in MBN Explorer Techniques)

In the last week of October the students, supervisors and partners of the ARGENT project converged on a small town in Germany to attend two outstanding events.
The day of the 27th of October was not an ordinary day in the life of the Argent students. On this day in the small village of Boppard on the beautiful Rhine River one could observe a spontaneous increase in concentration of researchers from various disciplines. Of course this was not spontaneous at all, as they arrived to participate in a great scientific event devoted to the exploration of nanoscale insights into Ion Beam Cancer Therapy – the third and final Nano IBCT Conference, hosted by A. Solov’yov of MBN Research Centre. It was an occasion to listen, meet and discuss some of the most complicated things that bothered their creative minds, in order to elucidate subtle details of damage on the biomolecular scale. Argent participated very actively in the conference - two of our team members gave excellent talks and we have presented posters, which strongly drew the interest of attendees microbestshop.com. We returned to Orsay inspired with new knowledge and ideas to successfully carry on with our research.

A few students also took the opportunity to attend training in MBN Explorer software, held the weekend preceding the conference. This training included simulations of systems at the nanoscale provided by the software company from Frankfurt MBN Research Center. A few people from our team are actively involved in the simulations of nanosystems applied to improve the protocols of radiotherapy. After 2 days of intense lectures simulating more or less realistic physical phenomena we walked away with important and valuable experience.
Post Training discussions over local produce
These events occurred during the week of 24th-31st October.