October 2014: Nano-IBCT Conference in Germany

At the ARGENT Inauguration Meeting it was decided that all the ESRs will participate at the 3rd Nano-IBCT conference in Boppard, for details see http://www.mbnresearch.com/nano-ibct-2014 . To register for the conference one has to follow the link: http://www.mbnresearch.com/nano-ibct-conference-2014-registration-form
In addition there will be organized the training hands-on tutorial on Computational Methods for Complex Molecular Systems, for details see http://www.mbnresearch.com/tutorial-2-scope which will be organized on the weekend (October 25th-26th) before the Nano-IBCT conference at the same venue. This training will be mainly devoted to the practical exercises with MBN Explorer. To register for the tutorial one has to follow the link: http://www.mbnresearch.com/tutorial-2-registration. Participation of the ESRs in the tutorial is optional and should be pursued upon the agreement with the ESRs supervisors.