November 28 - December 3 2015: 1st Annual Meeting and Mid Term Review

The entire ARGENT Network and invited guests met in Obergürgl, Austria at the end of the month, at an event organised by Andrey Solov'yov, our associate partner from MBN Research Centre Germany, with support from CSIC, Spain. The event included a two day scientific conference with invited speakers from relevant fields including Solid State Microdosimetry (A. Rosenfeld, University Wollongong, Australia), Nanoparticles (E. Porcel, CNRS, University Paris Saclay, France), More Ions for Radiotherapy (M. Krämer, GSI, Germany), and scientific reports from each student within the network.

The advisory committee, the training and research supervisory boards and the dissemination and outreach board met to ensure the success of the project, and this is an excellent way for the partners and associate partners to effectively continue the collaboration.

In addition to the internal meetings and scientific congress, the Mid Term Review meeting was conducted by a project officer from the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission (REA). This served to allow the European Commission to assess the progression of the aims of our project, not only in terms of scientific progress, but also focusing on the training activities and networking within the extended group. It was an opportunity for open dialogue between the network and the REA and an excellent source of feedback for both parties.

The Advisory Committee of Argent project appreciated the high quality of the consortium (in terms of academic supervision, involvement of industrial partners) with an excellent program coordination. The group is embarked in very complex cutting-edge science, requiring interdisciplinary expertise. The ESRs made high quality presentations with fruitful discussions and they have thoughtful career plans. The network is developed with secondments planned, increasing probability of a successful career for the ESRs.