Vu-Long Tran

Development of Lanthanides based nanosensitizers for theragnostics

Affiliation: Nano-H, Université Claude Bernard Lyon I, Institute of Light and Materials, Lyon, France

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Supervisors: Prof. Olivier Tillement, Dr. François Lux (Université Claude Bernard Lyon I), Dr. Cédric Louis (Nano-H)

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My research topic is around the development of AGuIX (“Activation et Guidage de l’Irradiation X” or “Activation and Guidance for X-ray Irradiation”), an ultrasmall ( less than 5nm) Gadolinium-based silica nanoparticle. This nanoparticle has been demonstrated as an ideal candidate for theranostic applications due to its characteristics as an efficient sensitizer for radiotherapy and an excellent platform for multimodal imaging of the tumors.
However, the structure and chemical properties of AGuIX have not been fully understood. Moreover, the current synthesis pathway of AGuIX requires following a long procedure with several steps.

Thus, my current studies include

1. Complete the description of AGuIX structure and properties by different advanced analytical tools.

2. Explore a pioneering strategy for a facile synthesis and functionalization of AGuIX which will reduce the purification steps, and allow an easy integration of different kinds of metals and functionalities on AGuIX for therapeutics or imaging purposes.

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Simple Representation of AGuIX particle

AGuIX finished product

Short CV

2013 – 2014 : Master 2 (research), Molecular Nano and Bio Photonics (MONABIPHOT Erasmus Mundus Program ), ENS Cachan, France
2006 – 2011 : Pharmacy Diploma, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy , Vietnam

Research Experience:
01/2014 – 07/2014 : Master thesis “Monitoring the crystallization of the organic material by microfluidic device and fluorescence microscopy”
Laboratory of Photochemistry and Photophysics, ENS Cachan, France
Advisors: Dr. Robert Pansu and Dr. Valérie Génot
03/2013 – 09/2013 : Ms. Student – Research Assistant, Lab of Cells & Macromolecules Delivery, College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University, South Korea
2011 – 03/2013 : Research and Development staff
Optimizing generic drug formulations, scaling up formulations for mass production DAVI Pharm Co., Ltd , Binh Duong, Vietnam