Daria Boscolo

OER prediction on the nanoscale for a target tissue in different conditions of irradiation and oxygenation

Affiliation: GSI, Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt (DE)
Email:: d.boscolo@gsi.de
Supervisors:: Marco Durante, Emanuele Scifoni and Michael Kraemer.

Project Description

In many clinical cases, especially in the center of large tumors, it is possible to find regions with a reduced oxygen concentration. It is known that this hypoxic condition leads to a larger radioresistance and, then, to an inhomogeneous tumor radiation sensitivity.
On the microscopic level this effect is mainly due to the quenching of the DNA damage mechanism mediated by free radicals: the oxygen indeed can fix these damages and prevent their repair.

My role within the project is related to the modeling and simulation the radiation effect on a nanoscopic level using track structure platforms like TRAX. In particular I am focused on the production of free radicals and their reaction along the ion track, depending on the oxygenation level, on the linear energy transfer (LET) and on the presence of Nano-particles.
A better understanding of such processes will significantly improve the specificity of the treatment. Indeed, the resulting OER (oxygen enhanced ratio) model will be integrated in the treatment planning code TRiP98 allowing macroscopic test irradiation at ion facilities such as HIT (Heidelberg, Germany).

Short CV

2011-2014: Master Studies in Medical Physics, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
2006-2011: Bachelor Studies in Physics, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
Daria Boscolo, Emanuele Scifoni, Antonio Carlino, Chiara La Tessa, Thomas Berger, Marco Durante,Valeria Rosso and Michael Kraemer. TLD efficiency calculations for heavy ions: an analytical approach. The European Physical Journal D, 69(12), 1-6, 2015.
D.Boscolo, E.Scifoni, M.Durante, V.Rosso, M.Krämer. Validity analysis of the single ion approach for TLD efficiency calculations. GSI-Scientific Report on the annual Report of GSI, 2015 (in print).
D.Boscolo, E.Scifoni, M.Durante, V.Rosso, M.Krämer. TLD efficiency calculation for heavy ions: a new approach. GSI-Scientific Report on the annual Report of GSI, 2014.